Everything Everyone Ever Wants to Know About Me
I’m the author of The Tavernier Stones, a #1 Amazon mystery, The Feasts of Lesser Men, and Anatomy of a Spy. My short work has appeared in The Austin Review, The MacGuffin, The Good Men Project, Boston Literary Magazine, and elsewhere, and has been read in public by Liars’ League, Lit Crawl, and other venues.
My All-Time Favorite Quote
Act boldly, and unseen forces will come to your aid —Dorothea Brande
Books I’m Presently Giving Away
The colored links below are PDF downloads. Click on one, and something useful should happen. I’m not sure what, but they promise me you’ll experience total consciousness. If you have any problems contact me. Meanwhile keep writing, keep submitting, and keep true to yourself. And thanks for whatever you did that sent you to this page.
Germany, 1990: The Berlin Wall has fallen. East and West Germany are discussing reunification. After four and a half decades of cloak-and-dagger intrigue, the Cold War is coming to an end. But not for Jimmy Fisher, who learns that love is worthy of a greater conviction than loyalty to one’s country.
Anatomy of a Spy is a brief sketch of the quintessential American spy. Written primarily to help authors of espionage fiction, Anatomy of a Spy will also enlighten readers of the genre, as well as anyone interested in the little-known facts and often bizarre reality of the world’s second oldest profession.
Music of the Spheres is a math fantasy about the circular inhabitants of the planet Corona struggling with avarice, apathy, and allegiance while questioning the shape of their world. Readers are assumed to have a knowledge of pre-calc math.
Okay, So, Maybe Some People Want to Know More
I was born in Indiana and grew up in Iowa, Kentucky, and Illinois. I earned degrees from the University of Louisville and the University of Illinois, and served in the army with the 8th Infantry Division in Germany during the height of the Cold War.

A mathematician and cartographer by training, I began my career with R.R. Donnelley Cartographic Services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the time the largest custom mapping firm in the country. I have also been a caddy, a factory worker, a bartender, a chef, a jeweler, and a teacher.

My hobbies include mineral collecting, amateur astronomy, nature hiking, and drawing and painting.

My Twitter bio: Father, writer, cat whisperer, army veteran, rockhound, tree hugger, stargazer, indy voter.

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Forms of address, in order of increasing familiarity: Stephen, Steve, Fritz.

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Proof I Haven’t Yet Died
Still alive as of 21 February 2024.