I’m the author of The Tavernier Stones, a #1 Amazon mystery, The Feasts of Lesser Men, and Anatomy of a Spy. In 2011 I was awarded an Independent Publisher (IPPY) gold medal. My short work has appeared in The Austin Review, Boston Literary Magazine, The Good Men Project, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and elsewhere, and has been read in public by Liars’ League, Lit Crawl, and other venues. I’m the editor of The Lascaux Review and a contributing editor at Easy Street.

I was born in Indiana and grew up in Iowa, Kentucky, and Illinois. I earned degrees from the University of Louisville and the University of Illinois, and served in the U.S. Army with the 8th Infantry Division in Germany during the height of the Cold War.

A mathematician and cartographer by training, I began my career with R.R. Donnelley Cartographic Services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the time the largest custom mapping firm in the country and later the industry spinoff that would become known as MapQuest. I’ve also been a factory worker, a chef, a jeweler, and a teacher.

I like to draw and paint. I’m a devoted rock hound and tree hugger. I’m relearning the piano and clarinet, old friends from boyhood.

The riverside scene above is where I sat for hours at a time in my adolescence, pondering the topology of the universe. As you may guess, I wasn’t the most popular boy in the school. Nor was I voted most likely to succeed.

Write to me via the Contact page. I’m a cartographer—I’ll tell you where to go.